The Boy With a Camera for a face

Hello everyone,

Today I’m here to talk to you about a short series call ” The boy with a camera for a face”


It’s a really short series built around 3 chapter. The whole thing doesn’t last longer than 15 minutes, but it’s absolutely amazing. It’s super original. The only voice we hear are the narrator’s and the story is tell as a poem, wich is really cool. It has kind of this tone of voice like in the short movie call “Vincent” by Tom Burton (wich I truly love). The way of filiming, the lighting, the decors and the narrator voice create a incredible atmosphere, kind of sad most of the time I assume, but it is so well made. It’s so poetic and dramatic, but it also give you some stuff to think about… I literally loved it. It is 12 minutes of truly wonderfulness.
I absolutely recommend it to you.


So there was short article but I really wanted to share that with you, because this series is a thing. It is truly worthy of 12 minutes of your time.

And you what have you been watching lately?

Thanks for reading, I hope your day was good.



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